Strategy & Planning

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Strategy & Planning

Strategic communication can help you decide your aims, identify your target audiences and choose the best way to speak directly to them, the way they want to hear from you.

We believe that planned marketing is essential for your success. We can assist you to implement cost effective strategy and planning, training and positioning. If you have a plan, we’ll support you in delivering it; if you don’t, we’ll help you create a plan that works.

We’ve worked on a number of large scale projects requiring internal or corporate communication to reach key stakeholders, and managed specialised tactics for communicating and engaging with communities or whole market sectors. We can help you stage and rollout projects to wide-ranging audiences or simply talk to neighbours and existing clients like the valued individuals they are. We can also cover on the following for you:

  • Publicity, Media Management & Relationship Building
  • Community Consultation & Engagement
  • Corporate & Internal Communication
  • Computer Programming & IT Solutions
  • Events & Training
  • Product Development & Production
  • Multimedia Technology

7 important things to know about D & D Communications: